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Engineering Plus, Expert Land Surveyors Since 1977

Surveying and land surveying is the measurement and mapping of our surrounding environment using mathematics, specialized technology and equipment. At Engineering Plus, as surveyors, we are a highly qualified choice for outside commercial and government projects. As we have a complete understanding of the local materials, topography, and local government regulations and requirements.

Why Engineering Plus?

  • Full-Service Civil Engineering Firm
  • Full-Service Land Surveying
  • Wide Breadth Of Civil Engineering Services
  • Deep Knowledge Of Local Materials, Regulations and Requirements
  • Only Geotechnical Testing Lab Within 75 Miles
  • And More


  • AMRL (AAP)
  • CCRL
  • ACI
  • MDOT
  • ASCE

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At Engineering Plus, for 38 years, we are full-service civil engineering firm. We cover land surveying, materials testing as related to construction. Materials testing and geo-technical investigation would, include soil, asphalt, concrete, hazardous waste studies. Civil engineering would, include, city planning services like road, and rail infrastructure, bridges, sewers, airports, and site development.

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